ERS Products

Curriculum Organiser Logo

The Curriculum Organiser helps teachers and schools to cope with an ever changing curriculum.

The site helps schools to manage a school-wide approach to their curriculum while providing an extensive searchable library of documents takes the workload off teachers.

This library spans all subjects from F-10 and includes - Curriculum Summaries, Scope & Sequence Charts, Term Planners, Weekly Programs Daily Lesson Plans and Student Resources

CO Portal

The CO Portal allows Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and other educational software access the Curriculum Organiser content database.

Through our custom API, LMSs can distribute our database of curriculum resources directly to their users.

In addition, the CO Portal can curate content from external publishers - making these resources also available to LMS users.


Quizdom Logo

Quizdom is a simple and cost-effective tool for helping schools adopt a school-wide strategy for improving literacy and numeracy.

The site makes it easy to obtain snapshots of students' literacy and numeracy throughout the school year by providing a broad range of automatically marked literacy and numeracy assessments.

Students are able to work at the own pace, at school or at home and can learn as they go through the details feedback for each question.

School Coodinators can set up a school-wide assessment calendar and keep track of how teachers and students in the school are progressing.

Curriculum Organiser Special Education

The Curriculum Organiser - Special Education site provides resources for teachers that focus specifically on students with special need.

It is especially useful in helping to differentiate class work for special needs students.

Curriculum Organiser OLNA Edition

The Curriculum Organiser - OLNA Edition is dedicated to helping high-school student meet Minimum Standard Requirements.

It combines a specific curriculum resources with an Online Assessment Tool, aimed at improving students' functional literacy and numeracy.

In addition, the site allows teachers to set up special courses of work for Years 10, 11 and 12 students struggling to pass the OLNA assessment.