"It is comprehensive, easy to use and seems to do everything you could possibly want it to."

— Simone Tolhurst

Australian Curriculum Preparation

"Implementation of the Australian Curriculum has now commenced in states across Australia. Education Research Solutions is dedicated to helping ease the transition by simplifying the Australian Curriculum for all teachers by producing planning and classroom resources that have been specifically designed for the Australian Curriculum."

ERS provides ICT tools and curriculum design processes for effective implementation. Fill in the form below for our Australian Curriculum updates.

Australian Curriculum Updates

Information Communication Technology (ICT):

Teachers will use ICT to achieve the following:

  • Access the Australian Curriculum (AC) requirements.
  • Organise their existing State Curriculum in conjunction with the Australian Curriculum.
  • Access personal plans from any computer in the world – online.
  • Adapt exemplar documents, create personal documents, upload resources – using MSWord.
  • Receive immediate updates online

Curriculum Design and Planning Document Flow

Teachers will be able to:

  • Identify the Australian Curriculum (AC) aspirations and meet accountability requirements
  • Choose from learning programs to translate the AC into classroom practice
  • Access resources that are directly related to learning activities
  • Determine achievement through links to assessment tasks and criteria
  • Gauge progress through Standards checklists and other instruments.


The organisation provides easy access to all documents required for planning.

  • The formats of individual pages are simple and easy to understand.
  • Each document is linked to other relevant documents - a connected curriculum
  • The documents are layered, to provide depth as required – a three dimensional curriculum.
  • An seamless process of: planning – teaching – learning – assessment – recording –reporting.


The migration from the State to Australian Curriculum is managed:

  • State and Australian Curriculum documents are provided in adjoining folders.
  • Colour coding enables the teachers to differentiate between State, Australian, Support.
  • Gradual migration is facilitated through easy to use processes e.g. copy and paste to templates.

Change Management

Change is related to learning – professional learning is provided

  • The ICT Tools and online delivery will ‘future proof’ teachers – immediate updates.
  • The simple ‘easy to use’ software builds confidence in use of ICT – capacity building.
  • Professional learning is provided in various ways including: ‘webinars’, online courses.

Pedagogy and Curriculum

Connections are provided between curriculum and pedagogy:

  • The Australian Curriculum is largely pedagogy free – teachers make decisions on learning process.
  • The ‘Teachers Online Planning System’ provides extensive support with ‘how’ to teach.
  • The learning processes highlight the ‘Inquiry approach’.