CO Content Portal

Our Vision

The CO Portal provides teachers with a method for planning their lessons that saves them time and reduces workload by delivering curriculum resources to teachers directly via their Learning Management System (LMS).

The CO Portal eliminates the manual processes of uploading, typing or cutting and pasting content into lesson planning tools. Instead, ihe CO Portal allows teachers to seamlessly embed content into their online LMS planning tools.

Moreover, the CDS is not just limited to lesson plans. It can be easily extended to a variety of content sources and publishers - including student resources.

Delivering Content to LMSs

The CO Portal is pre-populated with a comprehensive set of curriculum documents, lesson plans and assessments from the Curriculum Organiser and Quizdom databases. These can be easily integrated into an LMS via our API or our plug-and-play Activity Browser that provides a simple user interface for browsing the database.

The Bigger Picture – 3rd Party Content

The CO Portal functionality can be extended to 3rd Party Content Publishers. These publishers could include government groups (e.g. ESA), organisations that provide free teaching resources (e.g. Cool Australia, AFL) or commercial publishers (e.g. Study Ladder, Stepping Stones)

The CO Portal is unique in that it has been custom built to manage Australian Curriculum resources. Once content is import, the content is automatically tagged with metadata such as year level, subject, strand and substrand. The content is also classified as either a teaching document or a student resource. These tags allow the documents to be filtered by our search engine using AC Codes.

We can also automatically convert the documents into HTML format. This allows the content to be search by keyword and makes the content editable online via a WYSIWYG editor.