The Curriculum Organiser

The Curriculum Organiser is web-based software designed specifically to:

  • Dramatically reduce your lesson planning time
  • Help you to address accountability
  • Provide you with targeted assessment tasks
  • Assist you with Backward Mapping
  • Let you get on with teaching

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How It Works

The Curriculum Organiser contains literally hundreds of lesson plans arranged according to the curriculum indicators for every state, in every year level and across every subject area. You no longer have to search through countless resources to find the one that matches your particular needs - we've done it for you! Click here to see a typical folder structure.

For every year level and every learning area we provide the planning, assessment and backward mapping tools that take the hard work out of lesson planning. The key planning tools include:

  • Scope & Sequence Charts: These documents give an overview of what should be taught and when in order to develop a curriculum that is inline with the State curriculum requirements. The S&S charts also provide links to Teacher Planners that provide detailed lesson plans on each topic in the S&S. Example
  • Teacher Planners: These documents provide detailed lesson plans aimed at addressing specific curriculum outcome statements or indicators. In addition to multiple dynamic strategies and assessment tasks, these documents contain a comprehensive list of websites and ICT resources for both the teacher and students. Example
  • Integrated Units: These documents provide learning activities across the seven main subject areas that are all linked to a particular topic such as 'The Olympics', 'Christmas' or 'The Environment'. Example
  • Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Resources: For each subject area we provide a large range of links to IWB resources. Example
  • Rubrics & Checklists: These documents list assessment criteria for different assessment tasks Example

All of the resources can be downloaded as MS-Word documents, meaning they can be edited and modified on your computer to suit your needs. You can then store your personalised planning documents in the Curriculum Organiser online where you can access them from home or anywhere in the world.